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Kirby Delauter’s father, Russ, jokingly refers to the firm he and his father, Willie, formed in 1955 as a “one-horse operation.” Change that from one horse to one dozer, which the father-son team used to perform residential and commercial grading. Now, far from that one-dozer start, the company is run by third-generation Kirby Delauter and his wife, Tina Delauter. The $10 million to $12 million firm does a variety of work including site development, demolition, utilities, bridges and stormwater management in three states. Kirby’s entering the firm wasn’t necessarily a done deal, however. After serving six years in the U.S. Army, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I didn’t think I was college material,” Kirby recalls. He joined the family firm and proved so adept he became president in 1994. And after working for several years outside the company, Kirby and Tina’s son William has joined the firm and is on his way to becoming the 66-year-old company’s fourth generation. A licensed civil engineer, William has “the education to take this as far as he wants to

There is probably no tougher environment for equipment than forestry, and Komatsu’s two new purpose-built machines, the 931XC-3 harvester and 855-3 forwarder, are made to stand up to these gnarly conditions. Designed for maneuverability in everything from thinning operations to felling big timber, the 931XC-3 harvester balances power, torque and fuel economy to optimize low-speed operation with a high torque backup when needed. The machine’s eight-wheel-drive traction and smooth ride come courtesy of what Komatsu calls its “Comfort Bogie” drive system. The bogies oscillate to keep tires on the ground, following the terrain closely while maintaining a high clearance. Additionally, a fixed rear-axle design reduces rear ground pressure. The harvester’s automatic cab/crane leveling system keeps your operator in the best possible position to work comfortably throughout the day. An automotive-quality cab features heated and cooled meal storage, a big front window for visibility, an ergonomic seat and climate control. Designed with a high departure angle for climbing obstacles, the Komatsu 855-3 forwarder offers an optional blade for stump removal.KomatsuThe 14-metric-ton Komatsu 855-3 forwarder also operates on Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles

JCB has unveiled the 505-20E, a fully electric version of its Loadall telehandler. The new zero-emissions machine has a lift capacity of 5,250 pounds and 20 feet of lift height. Dual electric motors power the machine, one for the driveline and the other for the hydraulic system. The 30-horsepower hydraulic system pushes a fixed displacement gear pump that delivers 21 gallons of flow per minute maximum. The 96-volt lithium-ion battery holds enough charge to work for a full shift. Charging options include on- and off-board rapid charging. The 110-volt/16-amp on-board charger can fill the battery in 8 to 10 hours, and a 220-volt on-board charger is available as an option. JCB also offers a universal charger that can be used for a rapid top-up in as little as one hour. The emissions-free operation of the JCB 505-20E is not only an environmental plus, it enables you to use the machine indoors, where diesel exhaust would be problematic. The battery power also drops noise levels dramatically — from an in-cab level of 92.2 decibels to just 66.7 decibels — less volume

The first Rokbak units have reached U.S. shores and dealers are snapping them up, the company says. The articulated hauler manufacturer, formerly known as Terex Trucks, has received confirmed orders from almost all dealers across the U.S., including: Bane Machinery, B-C Equipment Sales and Easton Sales & Rentals in Texas >G.W. Van Keppel, with locations across the Midwest >Hills Machinery, Carolinas>Border Equipment, Georgia >Lawrence Equipment, Virginia> Under the Rokbak brand, Volvo Group subsidiary Volvo Construction Equipment is offering two models, the 30.9-ton RA30 and the 41.9-ton RA40. The units offer fuel economy, lower emissions, improved safety, and greater durability than previous Terex Truck TA300 and TA400 models. “We knew once we launched as Rokbak that the response would be positive because we have such a strong relationship with our dealers,” says Robert Franklin, director of sales – Americas at Rokbak. “But even we were surprised by just how successful our new direction has been. We’ve got a long history in the U.S. and Canada in our previous incarnation, but it’s exciting to see how enthusiastic our partners are about our

To the contractors asking for a compact paver from Caterpillar: your wish has been granted. Cat has filled the gap in its product offering with a new line of 8-foot size-class paver and screed combinations. The AP400, AP455, AP500 and AP555 asphalt pavers, along with the SE47 V and SE47 FM asphalt screeds, are designed for small, tight jobs such as narrow streets, driveways and small parking lots. “Compact pavers and screeds offer opportunity to both large and small contractors,” says Cat sales consultant Jon Anderson. “For large contractors doing pullouts and shoulders, this is the perfect machine for that at a lower cost point. For smaller customers, it gives them the opportunity to move up and do some bigger jobs that they’ve always wanted to bid on but didn’t feel they had the equipment for.” The SE47 V screed can be extended to any width between 8 and 15 feet 6 inches, with a maximum width of 20 feet. The SE47 FM screed offers a standard paving range between 8 feet and 15 feet 6 inches, with a maximum

So it doesn’t have enough dinosaur DNA to dominate the Ram TRX or Ford Raptor. Nonetheless, Chevy’s first ever Silverado ZR2 is taking flight with more power and suspension at the wheels. In a video on Chevy’s website, the 2022 Silverado ZR2 is shown going airborne on an off-road course. While it’s hard to say exactly how much air the front tires get — it may around a foot or so — it’s still air, and as far as we know, it marks the first time Chevy has shown one of its half-tons taking on a jump. (To watch the video, scroll to the end of this story.) While videos in the past have highlighted towing and payload capacities and bed strength, a new focus on truck jumping has emerged as yet another and more dramatic way to show off a truck’s power and muscle. And let’s face it…it just looks like fun. And all that fun requires some power. The Silverado ZR’s 420-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 delivers 460 pound-feet of torque through a 10-speed transmission. While that’s Chevy’s most powerful

Alta Equipment reported an increase in net revenues of 33.7 percent year-over-year in Q3, rising to $295 million this year. In addition, the company’s construction and material handling revenues were $184.7 million and $110.3 million, respectively, during the quarter. “Our operating performance in the third quarter reflects our flexible business model and our ability to produce strong financial results in a supply-constrained market,” says Alta CEO Ryan Greenawalt. “Both our Construction and Material Handling business segments delivered year over year revenue growth leading to a 43.4% increase in adjusted EBITDA. Our high level of new and used equipment sales in the first three quarters of the year are expected to continue to drive future high-margin product support revenue.” Alta continues to drive growth through mergers and acquisitions. During the quarter, Alta expanded its warehousing and logistics capabilities in the material handling business with the acquisition of Baron, an established provider of dock and door sales, service, and installation that services customers in the greater New England area. “We continue to see significant customer demand across all our business segments and

Cat has unveiled a new demolition excavator, the Cat 340 UHD – as in, Ultra High Demolition. The new tall boy boasts a pin height 13 percent higher than the 340F UHD, giving it the ability to perform demolition on buildings as high  as eight stories. Another plus: the 340 UHD has a coupling system that enables you to switch between two UHD fronts and the shorter retrofit booms and sticks with no special tools in as little as 15 minutes. “This is a purpose-built, dedicated demolition machine,” says James Cole, product application specialist. “We are not just throwing a long front on a standard excavator. It has a reinforced frame, a heavier counterweight and the best working weight in the industry in its size class.” Cat also spent time engineering the new demolition excavator to be easier to transport. A hydraulically actuated variable gauge undercarriage extends from 9 feet 10 inches in the transport mode to 13 feet 4 inches for stability in the working configuration. And an optional one-piece cradle for the boom can be used to reduce

Financing companies talk about partnering with clients. They all say it matters. They all say they’re really good at forming solid relationships. But does finding and selecting the right financing partner really matter to construction businesses? The short answer is a resounding “yes.” Selecting the right financing partner can make or break a business. The right financing partner will have the resources and expertise in construction equipment the business needs. That partner will integrate into and be committed to the success of their client. This isn’t just for altruistic reasons; when both the client and partner realize success, they both achieve more and grow more. 5 points to consider when choosing a financing partner Choosing the right financing partner can make a measurable difference in the life of your company. Every business and every financing company is different, but the points below are good indications that you are on the right track in choosing an effective partner. It’s not all about pricing. A true partner is in it for the long term – literally, in good times and in bad