Day: September 21, 2021

The Class 8 auction market heats up more each month, and retail selling prices continue to crush records as the industry stands at the confluence of a strong freight market, an inadequate supply of low- to average-mileage used trucks and a shortage of drivers. J.D. Power Senior Analyst and Product Manager of Commercial Vehicles Chris Visser, a guest during FTR’s ongoing virtual State of Equipment series, says “superheated rates” are keeping truck buyers energized. FTR forecasts rate increases to gradually relax and reach year-over-year parity starting in early 2022, while volume continues to grow into 2023. “In this market, we’re never going to have enough drivers to move the amount of freight that we have,” he says. “We’re really in a severe shortage of new trucks.” The four-year truck trade cycle has been alive and well, Visser said, adding that 489,100 orders for trucks have been placed in the last 12 months with a bump in August due to the opening of model year 2023 build slots. However, OEMs have tamped down some of the enthusiasm as uncertainty surrounds the

The Biden administration is calling for stepped up enforcement and increased efforts to prevent heat-related illnesses on the job. As part of that initiative, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration plans to increase workplace enforcement and inspections, especially on days when the heat index is above 80 degrees. “On days when a recognized heat temperature can result in increased risks of heat-related illnesses, OSHA will increase enforcement efforts,” the agency says. OSHA says it will also develop a National Emphasis Program, in which it will place temporary, intense focus on heat inspections. It also plans to develop a workplace heat standard. Though construction is among the top industries affected by heat, the administration’s plan is broad-based, also including indoor workers, as well as schools and nursing homes. It cites climate change as leading to extreme heat, which “is now the leading weather-related killer in America.” “Rising temperatures pose an imminent threat to millions of American workers exposed to the elements, to kids in schools without air conditioning, to seniors in nursing homes without cooling resources and particularly to disadvantaged communities,” President

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