Day: September 17, 2021

You probably got a glimpse of it at ConExpo 2020. Now it’s a reality. Komatsu just announced the availability of its Smart Construction Dashboard to enable the digital transformation of customer’s jobsites. The dashboard combines data from multiple sources to create a complete picture of the work being done on an earthmoving site. It is in essence a mapping tool that uses drone and GPS-enabled machine data feeds to measure cut/fills, quantities and productivity and show you these results in 3D, in near real time. With the dashboard, you can confirm that your pre-bid topographical map is correct, track jobsite progress, document site conditions and evidence for change orders, and measure stockpile quantities. A playback feature in the timeline function lets you examine the work done in previous days or weeks. Whole-site visuals, cross-sections and individual measurements are also available through the dashboard’s tools. “In a typical scenario, they fly the drone in the morning and come back to the office to upload the data into Dashboard,” says Yoetzin Diaz, Smart Construction solutions manager at Komatsu. “Once they have their

Six road construction projects have won awards from the Western Association of State Highway Transportation. The awards are part of the run-up to the America’s Transportation Awards. The winning road projects are as follows: Utah Department of Transportation — I-15; Lehi Main to S.R. 92, Technology Corridor (Quality of Life/Community Development, Large category) Safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians was improved with the $13.9 million widening of the Fourth Street Bridge over Interstate 40 in Flagstaff, Arizona.Arizona Department of TransportationArizona Department of Transportation — Fourth Street Bridge over Interstate 40 (Quality of Life/Community Development, Small category) A $104 million project converted the U.S. 175 S.M. Wright freeway into a six-lane boulevard to improve the safety, mobility and environment in a southern Dallas neighborhood.Texas Department of TransportationTexas Department of Transportation — US 175/S.M. Wright Freeway Phase 1 project (Quality of Life/Community Development, Medium category) The $37 million Long X Bridge project in North Dakota replaced an old height-restricted truss bridge with a concrete girder bridge on U.S. 85.North Dakota Department of TransportationNorth Dakota Department of Transportation — New Long X Bridge (Operations Excellence, Medium category—TIE) The $70 million U.S. 87

Cobra filed a petition with the FCC four years ago requesting the addition of FM to CB’s 40 channel line-up. A competitor, President, offered their support and in July the Federal Communications Commission approved of the historic change.The biggest change for CB radios in the U.S. since the late 1970s is coming, and it looks to be a good thing for improved voice quality and cutting through frustrating background noise common at the peak of day. The Federal Communications Commission recently approved FM to join alongside AM and single-sideband (SSB) modes on CBs. It’s a big change to old technology that offers some clear advantages. On the plus side, FM will provide users with improved audio quality and greater ability to circumvent background signal noise typical on CB’s long-standing AM side. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at U.C. Berkeley reports that FM will provide an “improved signal to noise ratio (about 25dB) with regards to man-made interference” over AM. That kind of reduction in background noise could prove popular with truckers who remain among the top users