Day: September 4, 2021

It’s almost a rule that when you most need a mechanic, you’re least likely to find one. Liebherr set out to solve that problem with the debut of its Remote Service tool last year and has recently announced an enhancement to that with the introduction of XpertAssist. The new feature is an annual subscription-based service that combines several service tools with real-time expert advice from experienced technicians through an audio-visual connection. With XpertAssist, immediate fault analysis and online troubleshooting is backed up by step-by-step instructions from the online Liebherr tech expert. The support is provided by Liebherr dealer experts worldwide with second level backup support from the OEM. If a mechanic does need to come to the site to address the problem, their time is made as efficient as possible through audio-video calls that define problem and enable them to bring the necessary tools and expertise to the job. After the repair or fix is completed, a debriefing via audio-video conference call will explain the work done or address possible findings with a follow up discussion. According to Liebherr, service

A design-build contract has been awarded for widening Interstate 40 in Orange County, North Carolina. Lane Construction won the $236 million contract to widen 11.5 miles of the highway from four to six lanes. Interchanges will also be modified. The project will extend from I-85 near Hillsborough to the Durham County line. When finished, drivers will have three lanes of travel in each direction between Johnston and Guilford counties. The project includes replacement of both I-40 bridges over Old N.C. 86 at Exit 261. The I-40 corridor is heavily congested during rush hours, and the project is designed to alleviate that congestion as well as improve safety, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation. Construction is scheduled to begin in Fall 2022 and be completed in 2025. Lane plans to recycle the highway’s concrete pavement for sub-base for the new roadway, as well as recycle milled asphalt for the project. NCDOT decided late last year to switch to a design-build process, which combines road design and construction, as well as right-of-way acquisition, into one contract. Lane will be responsible for